Eerlijk Zullen We Allen Spelen

2013 was the year in which I decided to make a documentary about my favorite underground venue of all times: SUB071. I have spent quite some time in this tiny venue, watching a huge variety of bands perform. Each show had its own intensity and they were all amazing in their own way. Unfortunately the current political climate forces many squats to shut down despite their contribution to the artistic climate of a city. SUB071 had to close its doors in 2015, after 8 years and hundreds of gigs. What impressed me most was the tenacity of the people organizing the shows. Their love for collaborating and their open attitude towards new music, have inspired me and have confirmed that with a little trust and an open mind, you can make the most wonderful things happen. That is what motivated me to make the film.

The mission was to make a DIY-movie about a DIY venue, with as little gear as possible. This mission was accomplished in the late spring of 2017. Waiting around for a crew or money would have probably resulted in this documentary never being made. I was fortunate enough to meet the right people at the right time to bring this project to the next level, something that I am extremely grateful for. Without their contributions it would not have been the same.

In my eyes SUB071 was something truly unique. Every show was a colorful and intense experience, not in the last place because of its size: less than 40m2.
Eerlijk Zullen We Allen Spelen (a Dutch wordplay on “share and share alike”) shows the beauty of DIY-mentality and tries to answer the question whether a venue like the SUB071 is important for a city.

The premiere of the movie took place on Friday September 8th, at the Vrijplaats in Leiden. More screenings throughout the country have followed since. Enjoy the trailer.