Photography is my friend and my memory; a way of viewing the world in a thousand different ways. Old buildings, signs and primary colors make my heart beat faster. Perfection and uniformity leave me cold.

The city is and has always been my main subject. I attempt to capture her less visible places and aspects. I long for timeless simplicity in a fast changing world.

My pictures reflect what I feel when I detach myself from the routine of daily life. That is the place where I can let my imagination run free, connect with a place, and start a dialogue with the streets.

I want the viewers to feel that there is an actual human being behind the lens. A human being that explores, perceives, knows her insecurities, but who wants to observe and enjoy the beauty of daily life above all. Every day again.

Minja Šarović (1988) was born in Banja Luka (Bosnia & Hercegovina), raised in the Netherlands. She is a self-taught photographer using mostly 35mm film to portray her surroundings. She likes the city, animals and going to flea markets.